Flourish Together designs environments for meaningful connection.

Flourish collaborates with groups, organizations and individuals to design environments for meaningful connection. Flourish Founder, Clare Johnson, utilizes her expertise in therapeutic, spacial and social design to create spaces for personal restoration, intimate gatherings, and meaningful events. 


Women's solstice + equinox events

Originally named the Women's Solstice Group, Flourish specializes in women's circle events, hosted quarterly for each solstice and equinox. These events are designed to be intimate, with 15-20 guests, and focus on connecting women through intentional conversation.


community events

Flourish collaborates with Chicago organizations and change-makers to connect community through fun and unique events. These events range from small gatherings to larger public events.  


therapeutic environments

Clare Johnson is a trained landscape architect and therapeutic designer. She specializes in creating therapeutic and restorative environments that are engaging and responsive to individuals and communities. Her specialities include small-scale residential design, green interior design and residential food gardening - all created to make the user feel more restored and connected to nature.

Interested in your own restorative oasis? Contact Clare for more information. 

the community

Based in Chicago, the Flourish community boasts a wide range of professionals - artists, entrepreneurs, finance professionals, designers, psychologists, mover n' shakers - all with the same goal: to lead a flourishing life of wellness and connection. 

Flourish was originally created to bring together the like-minded women of Chicago through seasonal events but we are by no means exclusive. No matter your orientation, gender or opinion, we'd love to hear from you.